Salem School used as model for resource book


NAUGATUCK — Salem Elementary School is now a model for the teaching community.

The school is featured prominently in the teaching resource book “Lessons & Units for Closer Reading” by Nancy Boyles, which was released earlier this month.

The book uses the school and the work done by students as models for proper ways to implement lesson plans. In addition to being featured in the book, Salem is also featured in 20 supplemental videos.

“We were honored she recognized our school in such an amazing way for us to be part of a book,” Salem Principal Jennifer Kruge said.

The book focuses on how to engage elementary school children in reading and includes lessons and curriculum.

Boyles worked with the school during the 2013-14 school year to test lessons for her new book. Kruge said Boyles was impressed with the work the school was doing and asked to shoot video of the lessons being taught to students.

Boyles returned to Salem in September with a film crew.

“I was so proud of the children because here they are with cameras in the room, the boom microphones, and they remained so focused. They really put forth such a wonderful effort and their answers were incredible. I couldn’t have been prouder of the children and my staff,” Kruge said.

Salem Reading Consultant Gina Kotsaftis, who worked with Boyles when she came to the school, said the book is a source of pride.

“I feel proud to be a Naugatuck educator. That’s the truth,” Kotsaftis said.

Kotsaftis was also happy with how well the students were doing at Salem and the fact that Boyle recognized that.

“I love our students. I can’t say enough about them, I think they come in every day wanting to learn. There’s nothing greater than working with children that want to learn,” Kotsaftis said.

Boyles was just as happy to work with Salem.

“Both the principal and the literacy coach exude the kind of joy in working with children that I wish was present in every educator. In fact, every adult at this school is viewed as a partner in contributing to students’ success,” Boyles wrote in her book.