Rotary Club looking for exchange student



BEACON FALLS — The Beacon Falls Rotary Club is opening up its outreach program by sponsoring an outbound youth student exchange.

The club will be accepting applicants from any youth age 15 to 19, who either attends Woodland Regional High School or is a student from Beacon Falls attending a private or vocational high school. The club is also planning to accept an inbound student who will attend Woodland Regional High School.

Rotary’s Long Term Youth Exchange program offers the opportunity for a local youth to experience an approximately one year long cultural and academic exchange where they will attend school and live with several families in their host city and country. 

Applications for exchange students are due within the next two weeks. Program details and applications can be downloaded at For more information about the program, being a host family and the Beacon Falls Rotary Club representative, contact Michael Krenesky, youth exchange officer, at (203) 558-8565 or 


  1. The initial cutoff for the application is Friday October 25th. Applications will be accepted beyond this date, but the selection process for country of choice is tied to how soon the application is received and accepted by Rotary. If interested it is best to submit an application as soon as possible to have your application scheduled for final approvals and in queue for country selection.

    This is an exciting opportunity. Don’t miss out.