Rossi backed by years of experience

Tamath Rossi
Tamath Rossi

NAUGATUCK — For Deputy Mayor Tamath Rossi, her bid for the mayor’s office is about having the experience to drive the borough in the right direction.

“This race is about growing our local economy. And what I’ve heard from so many in our town is that our borough needs a tried and tested leader who knows what it will take to lead us to a better, brighter future for everyone who lives and works here,” said Rossi, who has served as deputy mayor for six terms.

Rossi, 49, is one of three Republicans seeking to lead the ticket into the November election. Seth Bronko earned the Republican Town Committee’s endorsement. Rossi and first-term Burgess Alex Olbrys petitioned to force a primary. The three will vie for the top spot on the Republican ticket in a Sept. 16 primary.

The winner of the Republican primary will run against Democrat N. Warren “Pete” Hess, a Naugatuck attorney, for the mayor’s seat in November.

Rossi said she decided to run for mayor in order to help provide better opportunities for residents and businesses. Rossi, who owns a paralegal business as well as a retail business in Naugatuck, said her experience as a business owner helps her understand what local businesses are going through while trying to succeed.

“I have firsthand knowledge and experience of the challenges facing our Naugatuck businesses and the continued challenges placed on them by the state,” Rossi said.

Rossi said her political history and the strong connections she built during her time on the Board of Mayor and Burgesses will help her in the mayor’s office.

“Through my involvement, I have forged strong relationships with the business and civic leaders of our community that will be necessary and crucial in continuing to move the borough forward,” Rossi said.

Rossi said her plan for addressing the borough’s budget would be to prevent tax increases before they occur.

“We need to stop tax hikes before they happen by being proactive, conducting business with heightened awareness and by thinking creatively outside the box,” Rossi said.

Rossi said her plan includes having more shared services between the borough and Board of Education, pursuing a self-funded grants coordinator to obtain grant money for the borough, and centralize purchasing and operating procedures to reduce redundancy.

“By working with the people of Naugatuck, keeping an eye on spending, and thinking differently we can better serve everyone in our community and work toward meaningful tax reform,” Rossi said.

Rossi said, in order to ease the burden on the taxpayers, she will ensure the education in the borough is both affordable and high quality.

“I believe investing in our kids is critical to ensuring a bright future for Naugatuck, but this must be done thoughtfully, and with solutions we can afford. As mayor I would offer support to the new superintendent, who has been extremely active and successful in early results of creating more transparency and involvement of the community in its strategic plans and goals,” Rossi said.

Rossi said she believes there is always room for improvement in education and laid out a plan that included having students become more civically engaged and involved in community solutions, as well as connecting them with local businesses to provide potential job and career opportunities within Naugatuck.

Rossi said the borough’s future economic development will rely on ensuring more jobs are available throughout Naugatuck.

“Naugatuck needs more jobs created by local businesses, not failed government gimmicks that cost more than they deliver,” Rossi said. “We need to put our faith back in the people who’ve helped build this town for decades, and establish better economic development practices that will breathe new life into our local economy.”

Rossi said the borough needs to showcase its businesses and downtown area to help spur economic development. Rossi said she plans on doing this by creating a diverse schedule of events downtown to help focus attention on the area, and show that Naugatuck is a weekend activity destination place.

Rossi said she will not just focus on downtown.

“The borough is at a critical time for economic development possibilities and projects that will draw new development and build our tax base within the borough. Only through maintaining and strategically growing our local tax base, can Naugatuck ensure relief for the taxpayers in our community,” Rossi said.

Rossi said she will lead strategic and sustainable economic development projects and initiatives, working to ensure everything possible is done to promote our local businesses and attract new opportunities, and ensuring the borough’s Tax Abatement Program is fully executed.

Another issue that is important to Rossi is how the state and borough protects and serves its seniors.

“As the cost of living continues to rise, with higher taxes squeezing us all, our seniors, many of whom are on fixed incomes, are often hit the hardest,” Rossi said. “Our community was built on the backs of our seniors, and we must do more to identify and serve their needs so they can make Naugatuck their home well into retirement.”

Rossi said she would “conduct a comprehensive assessment in coordination with our seniors to explore the most efficient structure that meets the needs of our seniors.”

As Republicans prepare to head to the polls, Rossi said her message to voters is that the local government should be by and for the people.

“Our borough needs a tried and tested leader who knows what it will take to lead us to a town government that works to build a better, brighter future for everyone who lives and works here. We can achieve that by making town government work for everyone, living within our means and finding solutions within our community to deliver better services without raising taxes,” Rossi said.

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