Rosenberg is all about algae


Chase Collegiate Class of 2004 alumnus Julian Rosenberg, son of Drs. Mark S. Rosenberg and Andrea Needleman of Naugatuck, is focused on one thing these days—algae.

Rosenburg is now pursuing his Ph.D. in chemical and biomolecular engineering at Johns Hopkins University. Simultaneously, Rosenberg is sourcing biofuels from algae at a start-up biotech company, called Clean Green Chesapeake.

Rosenberg and the company are branching out into other sustainable products from algae, which, Rosenberg believes, has the potential to be the next big crop for food and energy.

“It’s exciting to be doing cutting-edge research and working to develop these advanced technologies,” Rosenberg said, in a prepared release.

As a Chase Collegiate Middle Schooler, Rosenberg discovered his proclivity for science at a young age. He recalled one lab in particular when he spilled a large quantity of water on the black slate lab desk—a seemingly inane moment. Yet his instinctive reaction to spread the puddle over the hard surface impressed his “strict but inspiring” science teacher.

“I understood without really thinking about it that the water would evaporate more quickly this way. It sounds simple, but Mr. Talbert’s encouragement that day helped set me on my path,” Rosenberg explained in the release.

Rosenberg has spent much of his time lately writing articles on his research.

“I’m really motivated by what I do, and when I’m interested in something, I get very deep down into it. This is an exciting time right now,” said Rosenburg, in the release.