Road work wrapping up for winter


PROSPECT — Work on Scott Road will begin to wrap up for the coming winter starting next week.

Phase two of the reconstruction of Scott Road is currently under way. Phase two stretches from Nicholas Court to Maria Hotchkiss Road, and includes milling and repaving, installing storm water catch basins, putting in a curb, widening the road and re-grading the road to provide better sight lines. Eversource is also moving several utilities poles on the road.

The Waterford-based B&W Paving and Landscaping is doing the road work under a state contract.

Mayor Robert Chatfield said that starting Monday B&W Paving and Landscaping will mill down a couple of inches of the road around where new pipe was installed and put new asphalt down in anticipation of the coming winter.

After the road is secured for the winter, the work will resume once the winter breaks next year.

B&W bid $1.91 million to complete the work. The federal government will cover 80 percent of the cost, while the state will pick the remaining 20 percent. The town just had to pay for the engineering designs, which it completed approximately several years ago in anticipation of the work.

Phase one was completed in 2007 and extended from the Waterbury line to Nicholas Court. The third phase of the project will go from Maria Hotchkiss Road to Route 69.