Road repairs to get underway


PROSPECT — Three road projects will begin this month.

The largest project is fixing drainage issues between 205 and 217 Straitsville Road.

That section of road currently has a retaining wall at the outlet of a pipe, known as a headwall, which was constructed in the 1930s, Mayor Robert Chatfield said. During rain storms or when snow melts, the water flows onto the road and can cause icy conditions, he said.

“We will be removing those and putting in catch basins. The water will drain into that and into wetlands,” Chatfield said.

To help alleviate the problem the town will also put in curtain drains, which consist of rocks and perforated pipe that will help direct the water away from the road.

In addition to fixing the drainage the town will also mill and repave the road.

The road will be closed to through traffic during the work and only one lane will be open at times to local residents, Chatfield said.

The town is also fixing the drainage along Cook Road at the intersection with Nancy Mae Avenue.

Chatfield said the town will replace drainage pipes that collapsed during the winter and will add four or five catch basins to that section of road.

Chatfield said the Inlands Wetlands Commission recently approved the permit for the work.

The town will also construct a snow shelf on Matthew Street in the area of Blue Trail Drive.

“The bank along the side of the road comes straight down. We will dig in 4 feet and slope the bank,” Chatfield said.

This will give the snow plows a place to put the snow so it does not fall back onto the road, Chatfield said.

According to Chatfield the cost of milling and repaving Straitsville Road will come from the $500,000 bond voters approved earlier this year.

Funds for the other two projects will come from the municipal budget. Work is expected to begin early this month.