Revisions proposed to blight ordinance


PROSPECT — A public hearing on proposed changes to the town’s blight ordinance is scheduled for Nov. 15.

The Town Council approved the blight ordinance in February 2015. The ordinance defines blight, gives the town the ability to issue warnings and civil penalties against violators and creates an anti-blight commission.

The proposed revisions would change language to mirror state statute and clarify that even if someone makes an uncontested payment of the civil penalty or admits liability by paying the civil penalty, the person can still be subject to enforcement action, including remediation by the town.

The revisions would also allow someone found liable for a violation by the hearing officer to have 30 days from the hearing to remedy the violation before the town may proceed with further enforcement action.

The hearing is at the firehouse, 26 New Haven Road. A hearing on changes to the local tax relief ordinance is also scheduled for that night starting at 6:30 p.m. The council could take action on the ordinances during its meeting following the hearing.