Reval coming up for Beacon Falls


BEACON FALLS — The town is set to begin a property revaluation.

The state requires municipalities to conduct revaluations every five years to assess the market values of real estate for tax purposes. Every 10 years the revaluation must include a full inspection that consists of an interior inspection and exterior measurement verification. The town’s revaluation will include a full inspection this year.

Data collectors from Municipal Valuation Services, a company the town hired to do the revaluation, will start visiting properties in the next few weeks, the Assessor’s Office announced last week.

Data collectors will measure the outside of homes as well as any other buildings on a property, take a new photograph of the property and request to perform an interior inspection. Interior inspections include a tour of the house, including the basement and attic space, which typically takes 5 to 15 minutes. An interior inspection will not be performed unless an adult is present and gives permission to do it.

Data collectors are not town employees. They will have photo identification and their cars will be registered with the Beacon Falls Police Department and the Assessor’s Office. People can verify a data collector by calling the police department 203-729-3313 or the Assessor’s Office at 203-723-5253.