Restaurant owner given OK to construct new building

Hunan Wok in its current location at1183 New Haven Road. -FILE PHOTO

NAUGATUCK — The Zoning Commission has given a restaurant owner the green light to construct and move into a larger building.

Hunan Wok owner Eric Huang came before the Zoning Commission during a public hearing with plans to open his restaurant in a new location.

Hunan Wok’s current location is 1183 New Haven Road, and Huang wants to open the new building 1177 New Haven Road, directly next door to where the restaurant is currently. The building at 1177 is currently a vacant old home.

The location would also feature two apartments above the restaurant, and two commercial spaces for other businesses.

The commission held the public hearing on Huang’s application open in March and April over concerns, including the impact on traffic.

Ultimately, the hearing was continued to May 16, to give time for a traffic report to be done and recommendations to be made on how to move forward with the construction.

According to Borough Engineer Wayne Zirolli, in a letter to Zoning Enforcement Officer Steve Macary, the traffic report was in order before going into the May meeting and concerns met.

The commission felt that the plan addressed the concerns and when the commission voted to accept the application there were no conditions in regards to traffic concerns.

The Wetlands Commission, however, set 14 specific conditions that it wanted Huang to follow when building his new restaurant.

These conditions included showing all detail for proposed retaining walls, constructing and making functional all storm water drainage improvements prior to the creation of an impervious surface, and installing mesh or lattice along the backside of the wooden guardrail to prevent debris from entering the wetlands and the brook.

Along with these specific conditions, the Wetlands Commission also provided a list of nine general conditions that the applicant had to adhere to.

These conditions included notifying the wetlands commission upon the commencement and completion of the work, the right for the commission to modify, suspend, or revoke the permit if it is found that the applicant misled the commission on the application, and that if the applicant does something other than what is specifically on the permit, the permit may be suspended or revoked.