Residents sought to join Beacon Falls committee to develop Rimmon Schoolhouse

The historic Rimmon Schoolhouse can be seen on Tuesday at 101 Pines Bridge Road. Andreas Yilma Citizen’s News

By Andreas Yilma Citizen’s News

BEACON FALLS — Town officials are looking for residents to be part of a building committee to develop the Rimmon Schoolhouse as a history building at its present location.

Officials previously eyed a state-owned parcel of land on North Main Street, just north of the Beacon Falls Police Department, as the new site for the schoolhouse.

In July 2019, state lawmakers approved a bill that would transfer to the town a 0.125-acre, state-owned parcel adjacent to the intersection of North Main and Church streets. The parcel of land has uneven topography and state utilities, including a transformer box in the middle of the land which didn’t lend for a structure.

Smith said town officials plan to rescind the special act that allowed the state to give the land to the town.

“We’re in the middle of hopefully receiving some land for the schoolhouse to remain where it is,” Smith said. “That’s still in the works.”

Rimmon Schoolhouse, near the intersection of Rimmon Hill Road and 101 Pines Bridge Road, was built between 1779 and 1830 and was used as a school until the 1950s when Laurel Ledge Elementary School was built.

Selectman Michael A. Krenesky suggested to the Board of Selectmen to form a building committee to develop the property.

Town officials already has one member for the committee and hope to get four more for a total of about five committee members.

Steven Ruhl, a Long River Middle School history teacher and former town historian, is interested in getting on this committee, Krenesky added.

Krenesky said they need someone who understands construction.

Smith said they are also just looking for people who are passionate about the history of Beacon Falls.

Krenesky said if the town is going to use the building, there are additional things that need to be done.

“If you’re going to have people maintaining and working in that building, let’s just assume it becomes the site for the historical museum, you need to have a bathroom in the building,” Krenesky said. “That means plumbing.”

“There’s a lot of research that needs to be done,” Smith said.

Anyone who is interested in serving on the committee is asked to contact the First Selectman’s Office


  1. I understand that a number of people have raise interest in being involved on a committee to set direction for refurbishing the schoolhouse. Thank you for interest. I am not sure if the Bd of Selectmen will set the committee at our August Monthly meeting, but if you are interested, please email for snail mail the First Selectman’s office before that meeting which is August 8th, the second Monday in August. Thank you in advance for your interest and consideration. MAK