Residents must qualify for antique car designation


NAUGATUCK — Residents with antique cars will have to make sure they qualify as such to receive a tax deduction.

Under state statute, residents who have an antique, rare or special interest motor vehicle qualify for a reduced assessment of $500 on their motor vehicle tax bill.

Mayor N. Warren “Pete” Hess said prior to this year Naugatuck gave the reduction to anyone with a car that was over 20 years old. However, this year the borough is falling in line with other municipalities around the state and only giving the reduction to vehicles that fall under the state’s antique, rare or special specifications.

According to a Hess, there are two ways residents can qualify for the reduction.

Residents must obtain an antique, rare or special license plate issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles, or provide the assessor with an affidavit signed by an authorized dealer or certified mechanic stating that the vehicle is at least 20 years old, is being preserved because of historical interest and has not been modified from the original manufacturer’s specifications.

Motor vehicles that are denied an antique plate by the DMV do not qualify for the reduced assessment.

Residents who want to qualify for the reduction on the most recent tax bill have until Aug. 1 to have their vehicle authenticated by the DMV, Hess said.

“We want to give everyone an equal opportunity to qualify,” he said.

For more information, call Assessor Carol Ann Tyler at 203-720-7017.