Residents call for cameras


PROSPECT — Officials are looking into the possibility of using security cameras to help keep an eye on the town following a resident’s request.

Resident Angelica Ariola came before the Town Council on Feb. 7 to ask officials to consider installing traffic cameras in town.

“This past year there have been numerous break-ins throughout town, most specifically at our liquor stores and gas stations,” said Ariola as she read from a prepared letter. “The businesses around town have surveillance cameras among their facilities; however, during specific times of break-ins, these businesses were not able to record any information about the person or vehicle present in the crime.”

Ariola said if the town had cameras at major crossroads they may have been able to record information on suspicious vehicles.

Ariola pointed to Naugatuck, which is in the process of installing 20 cameras in streetlights throughout the borough as the streetlights are switched to LED lights. She added grants are available for the cameras.

“With an increase in police enforcement during certain hours and a change of surveillance within our town, I believe the town of Prospect can be even better than it is now,” said Ariola before submitting petitions with about 115 signatures from residents who support the request.

Council member Carla Erickson-Perugini said Ariola made relevant points. She said cameras could help improve the sense of security in town, and if people are aware of them they could help to deter crimes.

Mayor Robert Chatfield said the town could put up two cameras on existing systems on town property that could be pointed to watch Route 69. In a subsequent interview, Chatfield declined to go into detail about where the cameras could be placed.

Chatfield said the town will look into putting cameras in streetlights and traffic lights. Doing so would require the cooperation of Eversource Energy, which owns the streetlights, and the state, which owns the traffic lights.