Reports of gunshots sent two schools into lockdown


NAUGATUCK — Multiple reports of shots fired near the 7-Eleven on Rubber Avenue in Naugatuck led police to detain a man at Stop & Shop in Mountview Plaza this morning.

A few employees of area businesses called police at about 11:30 a.m. to report hearing gunshots, said Lt. Bob Allen of the Naugatuck Police Department. At the same time, police saw a man running from the storage facility near the Milestone Inn towards Mountview Plaza, Allen said. The man was detained, but said he was running to catch a bus that was waiting outside Stop & Shop.

Police placed Naugatuck High School and Western School on lockdown for about 10 minutes, but both schools are now open, Allen said. A K-9 team from Waterbury is tracking the detain man’s path to make certain no gun was dropped, Allen said. The public is not in danger and the noises could have been a car backfiring, Allen said.

Special to the Citizen’s News