Report of gunshots leads to lockdown at Andrew Avenue School


Police-badgeNAUGATUCK — Andrew Avenue School was placed into a precautionary lockdown Thursday morning after police responded to a report of gunshots in area of Andrew Mountain Road and Andrew Avenue.

Police responded to the area at about 8:55 a.m. after it was reported that gunshots were heard in the woods, according to Lt. Bryan Cammarata. There was no threat to Andrew Avenue School, he said, but due to its relatively close proximity to the area the school was notified and locked down while officers investigated.

Cammarata said a thorough check of the area was conducted by officers which resulted in no contact with anyone in the woods and no further reports of gunshots. As a result of the concluded search, the lockdown at the school has been cancelled, he said. A police officer remained at the school the rest of the day as a further precaution, he said.

As police continued to investigate the report, Cammarata said, it was determined the source of the “gunshots” was illegal fireworks.

The incident remained under investigation as of this post.