Repairs on tap for Maple Street pipes


NAUGATUCK — The borough is planning to reinforce just over 500 feet of storm sewer pipes along Maple Street.

Public Works Director James Stewart said the pipes that run along Maple Street from the Maple Street Bridge to Carroll Street are cracked and some sections have collapsed on themselves. He said the pipes are deep enough that excavating and replacing them would be cost prohibitive.

So, the plan is to install a cured in place pipe lining.

Stewart said this lining is pushed into the existing pipes and then set in place by high-pressured steam. Once in place, the lining will reinforce the existing pipes and prevent them from falling apart, he said.

“This stuff lasts forever,” Stewart said.

The Board of Mayor and Burgesses last week awarded a bid for $73,594 to Watertown-based Michels Corporation to do the work.

The money for the repairs will come out of the borough’s five year capital fund, Stewart said.

Stewart said the borough wants to repair these pipes before they collapse like the pipes along Nichols Road did last year. The pipes along Nichols Road had to be replaced on an emergency basis.

“I don’t want that to happen here,” Stewart said.

The work is expected to begin and be finished by the end of this year, Stewart said.