Region 16 to create grant writer position


Reg-16-OfficeREGION 16 — School officials are hoping to capture additional funds for Region 16 schools with the hiring of a grant writer.

Superintendent of Schools Tim James presented the Board of Education with a preliminary description of the position during the board’s Feb. 20 meeting.

James explained the grant writer would be responsible for establishing a network of connections and securing grants for programs that are deemed priorities by teachers and administrators.

The position would not receive a salary. Instead the grant writer would receive a percentage, likely 5 percent, of whatever grants the person obtains for the district.

“The grant writer is going to be motivated to find more grants because it’s going to increase their salary, but secondly our district is going to benefit from those opportunities,” James told the board.

The only expense for the district would be paying for the grant writer to attend conferences, he said.

The board approved moving forward with finalizing a job description for the position and hiring a grant writer. Officials are eying having someone in place by July 1.