Region 16 loses a day of April vacation


Reg-16-OfficeREGION 16 — April vacation will be one day shorter than normal this year in Region 16.

Friday, April 19 is now a regular day of school in the region, which includes Beacon Falls and Prospect, due to the number of days canceled this school year.

The region has had 11 days canceled this school year due to weather related events. Last month, the Board of Education began discussing how to handle the days missed without dragging out the calendar late into June. Renovations at Laurel Ledge Elementary School, which are part of the three-part school building project, are scheduled to begin this summer. The last day of school in the region is Friday, June 21.

In February, the board voted to make April 1, originally scheduled off for parent-teacher conferences, a half day. Earlier this month, the board voted to drop the number of student instruction days from 181 to 180 and take days away from April vacation if more days were missed. Last Tuesday’s snow day resulted in taking away the Friday from vacation.

Any more days missed will result in more April vacation days being canceled starting on Thursday of vacation week and working backwards to Monday.

“Hopefully, the weather will allow us to continue to stay in school without any more unexpected interruptions,” wrote interim Region 16 Superintendent of Schools Jacqueline Jacoby in a letter to parents. “We appreciate your cooperation and regret any inconveniences that this school calendar change has caused.”

The last day for Naugatuck schools, which had a two-hour delay last Tuesday, stands at Monday, June 24. Naugatuck doesn’t want to take away April vacation days because abatement work is scheduled for the renovation project at Naugatuck High School for that week. The project will break ground next week.

Graduation dates for Naugatuck and Region 16 are expected to be set in April.