Region 16 board accepts Agostine’s resignation


The Region 16 Board of Education accepted the resignation of Superintendent of Schools James Agostine this week. Agostine is leaving to take the top job in the Monroe school district. FILE PHOTO

PROSPECT — The Region 16 school board accepted the resignation of Superintendent of School James Agostine Wednesday night, “with deep regret.”

“If we don’t accept it will he not go?” Board of Education Vice Chair Priscilla Cretella asked before the board approved a motion to accept Agostine’s letter of resignation.

Agostine is leaving Region 16 to become superintendent for the Monroe school district. He accepted the position earlier this month.

“He’s got an awful lot of knowledge and experience in his background,” Darrell Trump, Monroe school board chair said. “We are looking forward to utilizing that.”

Agostine’s resignation comes at a time when the district is preparing for a $46.7 million building project that includes building a new elementary school in Prospect, renovations to Laurel Ledge Elementary School in Beacon Falls, and moving the central office to Algonquin Elementary School in Prospect. The project is set to go to a referendum in early December.

Agostine said there’s never a good time to leave. He has the utmost confidence in Region 16 officials to carry the project forward.

“We have a very strong building committee and people dedicated to the project,” Agostine said. “I don’t see any reason why the project can’t move forward.”

Although the Region 16 school board accepted his resignation this week, Agostine will not be leaving immediately. The board can hold him up to 90 days, and as of now his resignation date is set for Feb. 7. The board could also decide to let Agostine leave before the 90 days are up.

The board held an executive session Wednesday night to discuss Agostine’s resignation, but no decisions were made following the session.

Among the reasons Agostine has cited for taking the Monroe job is that it presents a new set of challenges.

In Region 16, Agostine oversees 2,540 students at five locations in the two-town district. In Monroe, he will lead a district of 3,581 students from preschool through high school at five sites.

“Personally and professionally it’s a new challenge for me,” Agostine said in an interview earlier this month. “I’ve come to love Region 16. But, this position offers some new challenges that I’d like to take on.”

Agostine has been superintendent in Region 16 since January 2008. During his time in Region 16, Agostine said there are a number of accomplishments he is proud of, such as assisting the board with establishing three-year goals that include curriculum, building, and budget goals.

Agostine will earn a base salary of $180,000 in Monroe, according to Trump. He’s currently earning a base salary of $153,000, Agostine said.

The Republican American contributed to this article.