Region 16 approves snow day contingency plan


Due to the historic October nor’easter and the massive power outages that followed, Region 16 used up its fair share of “snow days” well before the seasons turned.

With winter still to go, the Board of Education approved a snow day contingency plan at its Dec. 7 meeting just in case winter’s wrath forces more school closures.

Region 16 schools were closed for five days following the Oct. 29 storm, which put the last day of school at June 19. As part of the contingency plan, the board approved changing the professional development day for teachers scheduled for March 23 into a regularly school day. The professional development day will be made up at the end of the school year, which will not be a school day for students, according to the plan.

Since the professional development day was changed, the last day of school currently stands at June 18.

Under the plan, if there’s one more emergency closure before Feb. 13, schools will open on Feb. 17, which is currently a scheduled day off.

With the last day of school at June 18, the district has nine emergency days left to use before the last day schools could be open, June 29, this school year.

According to the plan, if by April 6 school closures push the last day of school past June 29 the board will begin to take days away from April vacation to make up the days.

Vacation days will be taken away starting on Friday, April 20 and working backwards through the week, according to the plan.