Realtors association endorses Klarides-Ditria

Nicole Klarides-Ditria
Nicole Klarides-Ditria

SEYMOUR — The Connecticut Realtors Association has endorsed Republican Nicole Klarides-Ditria in the race for the 105th General Assembly district.

Klarides-Ditria, 47, is the deputy first selectman in Seymour. She is challenging Democrat incumbent state Rep. Theresa Conroy, of Seymour, in the 105th District, which represents Beacon Falls, Derby and Seymour.

The Connecticut Realtors Association advocates for over 15,000 members on the state and federal level.

“Realtors throughout the state understand the economic struggles that we are facing due to out-of-control tax and spend policies implemented by Democrats in Hartford,” Klarides-Ditria stated in a press release. “Connecticut residents and businesses are deciding to pack their bags for states with lower taxes and greater opportunities for job growth, leaving realtors with an unpredictable real estate market.”