Psychic reading a family legacy


NAUGATUCK — Some families pass down heirlooms. Jasmine Frank’s family passed down a passion for reading — psychic reading that is.

Frank first started to learn how to do psychic readings from her mother at the age of 12.

“My mom told me [reading palms] is really fun. She always did it. I was getting to the age where I started to get the ability very well so she started to teach me,” Frank said.

The passion for psychic readings in Frank’s family stretches back generations, she said.

“It’s been passed down from the members of my family. It started all the way at my great-great-grandmother,” Frank said. “It’s been passed down for years and years.”

Frank, a New Haven resident, has brought that passion to Naugatuck. She recently opened Psychic Readings by Jasmine at 677 Rubber Ave.

Frank, who offers palm, tarot card, and spiritual readings, as well as meditation, reiki balancing, and chakra healing, said she chose to open up in Naugatuck because she felt it was a nice and pretty town, with very friendly the people.

Although she has only been her business for herself for a short period of time, Frank has been working as a psychic for over a decade in shops owned by her mother and sister. She said psychic readings can have a soothing effect.

“A lot of people come in and get their reading done and see that they’re stressing for pretty much no reason. They look into their future and see things are very clear for them. So it definitely eases a lot of stress,” Frank said.

Frank prides herself on giving honest readings, whether they are good or bad.

“I like to give a lot of advice. I like to help people avoid obstacles that will kind of hurt them in the future,” Frank said. “All my readings are honest and I just strive to help.”