Prospect’s grand list sees slim growth



PROSPECT — The town saw all three segments of the 2013 grand list increase from the previous year.

The town’s net grand list for Oct. 1, 2013 was $812,469,668, an increase of $5,818,019 or approximately 0.72 percent from the 2012 grand list. A municipality’s grand list is a tabulation of the assessed values of real estate, personal property and motor vehicles.

The total value of motor vehicles was $77,069,490, a 3.15 percent increase from the 2012 grand list.

Tax Assessor James Clynes said people are continuing to buy and lease new vehicles and older cars are holding their value better.

The total value of personal property was $31,058,808, a 3.95 percent increase from the 2012 grand list. Personal property is the value of the items owned by a commercial business, excluding its building and land.

Clynes said the increase was due, in part, to Pond Place Pediatrics filling some of the vacant space in its facility with new equipment, including an MRI machine. The increase also reflects the completion of the Aria Wedding and Banquet Facility.

“This is the first year that the banquet facility Aria had all their equipment on the grand list. Last year they were still building,” Clynes said.
The total value of real estate was $704,341,370, a .33 percent increase from the 2012 grand list.

Clynes said there was not one specific reason real estate went up, but the fact that the Regency at Prospect, an age-restricted community off Scott Road, built new units on its property helped.

“Just a lot of people took out permits for small additions, a few new houses were built, and Regency continued to put in new units in there,” Clynes said.

Even though the increase was slim, Mayor Robert Chatfield said he’s very pleased the grand list increased pointing out that other local towns saw a decrease.

Using the current mill rate of 28.08, the increase in the grand list represents a gain of approximately $160,000 in tax revenue.

Top ten taxpayers

Yankee Gas Services Co., $8,679,600

Connecticut Light & Power, Co., $5,811,420

Rosa & Giuseppe Geloso, $5,768,270

Prospect Medical LLC, $5,095,120

Paulmar Associates Limited Partnership, $3,807,130

The Connecticut Water Co., $3,108,310

Toll CT Limited Partnership, $3,008,350

43 Candee LLC, $2,669,160

LRH LLC, $2,353,490

Royal Senior Holdings LLC, $2,292,800

The figures represent the total assessment for real estate and personal property. List provided by the Prospect Assessor’s Office.