Prospect to seek bids again for roof repairs


PROSPECT — Repairs to the roof of the Prospect firehouse will have to wait a little longer.

Sections of the firehouse roof are leaking and need to be replaced. The town sought bids for the work, but although two companies attended a site meeting Jan. 27 no companies submitted bids by the deadline on Feb. 1, officials said.

Mayor Robert Chatfield said he will go out to bid again but is going to wait until snow on the roof melts so interested companies can inspect the work that needs to be done.

Officials noticed the leaks about two months ago after a heavy storm. Officials have said the leaks haven’t caused any significant damage to the firehouse, other than to some drop ceiling panels, and haven’t interrupted the department’s activities.

The firehouse at 26 New Haven Road was built in 1999, according to land records. Some sections of the roof have been repaired over the years. Records show a permit was issued in 2011 for work on the roof.