Prospect storm update


In Prospect, no lights have been turned on, but six roads were opened today after CL&P crews cleared wires and trees that were previously blocking them, according to mayor Robert Chatfield. He said most of the town roads should be open by the end of the day tomorrow.

“It’s getting better every day,” he said.

Meanwhile, trick-or-treat is canceled in Prospect for tonight. Region 16 will be closed again tomorrow.

“I am urging, begging, and pleading for parents not to send their children out tonight,” Chatfield said. He said it’s dark, it’s dangerous, houses won’t be lit and there are no street lights, he said. Most importantly, he said, live wires on the ground could potentially electrocute anyone who stepped on them. If someone hooked up an electric generator wrong, it could send power back onto the grid, he said.

Chatfield said he will put out a CODE RED announcement later in the week with a trick-or-treat alternative after hearing from parents. He said people have been calling about trick-or-treat plans all day.