Prospect runner hits the streets to raise funds for church campaign  

Prospect resident Timothy Beach plans to run all 73 miles of roads in town to raise funds for needed repairs at Prospect Congregational Church. –CONTRIBUTED

PROSPECT — The parish of the Prospect Congregational Church is looking for different ways to raise money for repairs at the church, and one parishioner is doing so with his legs.

Timothy Beach, a Prospect resident, is 28-year member of the church, and also runs the church’s hospitality committee and runner’s club. So, it’s fitting that he plans to run all 73 miles of roads in town to raise funds for the “Preserve Our Church” campaign, which is seeking to raise $93,500 to replace the roof and gutters, and paint the siding at the church on Center Street.

Beach, who has run 53 marathons since 2004, started his fundraiser run on Christmas and he plans to finish running the 182 roads in town on his 60th birthday, July 31.

“The church needs the money. Our church is all about the community,” Beach said. “I thought if I can run everywhere in Prospect, it came in my head that’s what I can do to help.”

Beach was partly inspired to run every Prospect street by Run 169 Towns Society, an organization whose members’ goal is to run a race in every town in the state. Beach is a member of Run 169.

Beach’s goal is to raise $26,200 for the church because a marathon is 26.2 miles long.

“You can be out there and doing these significant things even at the age of 60 and beyond,” Beach said. “Our church is a friendly place. We do what we can for the community.”

People can donate to Beach’s “Run for a Roof” campaign online through a GoFundMe Charity page at