Prospect recount turns out same results

From left, Sam Blinstrubas, poll worker; Getty Guevin, head moderator; Simon Magnarella and Patricia Conway, both poll workers begin a recount Tuesday of all the Town Council candidates in Prospect because of a close vote between Democrats Michael Scaviola, an incumbent, and Eileen Cranney, a newcomer. - RA ARCHIVE

PROSPECT – The Town Council will remain the same after a recount Tuesday. Incumbent Democrat Michael Scaviola stayed ahead of newcomer Eileen Cranney, also a Democrat, although she gained one vote. The finally tally for the bottom two candidates was 779 to 775. The top nine candidates, all incumbents, will lead the town for the next two years. Besides Scaviola, Republicans Stanley Pilat, Jeffrey Slapikas, Thomas Galvin, Douglas Merriman and Robert Doyon as well as Democrats Patricia Geary, Theresa Graveline, and Carl Graveline were re-elected to the Town Council.