Prospect power update


PROSPECT – Mayor Robert Chatfield said he hopes 90 percent of the town will have power by this evening. A Connecticut Light and Power crew is currently working on a circuit that will light up much of downtown along New Haven Road, including the Fire House and Algonquin School, he said. If that circuit is back up by tonight, Chatfield said he would close the shelter at the Fire House.

According to CL&P’s website, 29 percent of the town is still powerless.

Two other crews are driving around town to check on the last few houses without power, where it is still out on small sections of roads, Chatfield said. He said three of the town’s four traffic lights are now working.

The town is handing out instant meals and bottled water at the Fire House for those still without power, Chatfield said.

No decision has been made yet as to whether there will be school tomorrow since the high school still doesn’t have power, Chatfield said.

He said he would make a decision soon about an alternative for Halloween.