Prospect police search for answers to abandoned 15-year-old dog


By Andreas Yilma Citizen’s News

PROSPECT — An abandoned dog is now recovering after a town resident found the small critter in the middle of the road at night last month.

Chaz Sar was backing out of his driveway on the evening of May 15 when he stopped and found a small female Shih Tzu mix near the intersection of Scott Street and Saunders Street. Sar and his wife Monica brought in the dog for the night, in case it was one of the neighbors’ but called Prospect Animal Control Officer Melissa Kryzanowski the following day.

“When the dog was brought in, it was not in good shape,” Prospect police Lt. Nelson J. Abarzua said.

The dog went back to the veterinary for a check-up, Abarzua said.

Kryzanowski said that she named the dog Matilda and is about 15-years-old. Matilda was found covered in urine, very dehydrated and believed not to be eating as she was very underweight, Kryzanowski added.

The dog didn’t need any surgery but just needed to be hydrated, fed and cared for, according to Abaruza.

“She couldn’t walk before,” Kryzanowski said. “She could walk now. She sleeps a lot now.”

Matilda has gained about 2.6 pounds and currently weighs about 7.5 pounds but is still underweight. She should weigh about 10 to 15 pounds, according to Kryanowski.

“She was in horrible shape,” Kryzanowski said.

Matilda is also partially blind, sees dark shadows and is 100% blind with her night vision, likely from old age. She has an enlarged heart as well and wasn’t on the right medication, according to Kryzanowski.

“She was neglected on her health,” Kryzanowski said. “She doesn’t have much longer.

She’s at the end of her life.”

Matilda isn’t available for adoption because she’s on hospice. She will be living with a veterinary technician, Kryzanowski said.

Abaruza said police haven’t received any information on who might have left the dog on the street.