Soon, kids can hoop it up at LRMS



PROSPECT — Students at Long River Middle School may soon be able to play hoops during recess.

ANDREAS YILMA CITIZEN’S NEWS Long River Middle School at 38 Columbia Ave. can be seen on June 1.

Region 16 Superintendent of Schools Michael Yamin said the district is looking into installing a half-court basketball asphalted area at the request of the Parent Teacher Organization.

“The kids come out for a quick 15, 20 minutes during lunch. They get to exercise a little bit and they’re able to use that area and the PTO asked the board to contribute to putting in a basketball hoop against the building with a fence and I think we were able to come up with an option,” Yamin said at the Region 16 Board of Education meeting on May 24.

Region 16 serves students in Prospect and Beacon Falls.

The other options were $30,000 and $40,000. The option school officials are expected to go with is significantly less costing option, Yamin said

Long River Middle School Principal Derek Muharem agreed with Yamin that this would be helpful and something children need for exercise during the day.

“We don’t have a basketball hoop. Any other school you go to around, anywhere I think there’s always a basketball for kids to shoot hoops and the social time the kids get out there is limited but to give them another opportunity to do something physical,” Muharem said. “It’s something that I think that we need to have for our kids.”

Yamin said exercise and movement is essential for students.

The facilities committee was given three options for a possible basketball half-court. Facilities Director Mark Parrino is expected to speak with all the necessary parties to obtain any approvals before the project moves forward, according to facilities committee meeting minutes.

Yamin said he believes the PTO is going to contribute for the basketball hoop but the school board will pay a significant amount more. School officials will work the PTO and figure out the costs.

“We just have to find a place that’ll fit the spot for the kids to do it,” Muharem I’m excited about it.

School officials are expected to make a decision before the end of the year on where to put the basketball court, Yamin said.