Prospect needs quiz takers to secure grant


PROSPECT — The town has its sights set on a $2,500 sports grant. Whether the town receives the funds depends on how many people fill out an online quiz.

The town is participating in Liberty Mutual Insurance’s Responsible Sports Community Grant program, which is part of a larger ongoing effort by the company to support responsibility in sports.

As part of the program, the company will award five $2,500 grants to youth sports organizations in three separate categories — large organizations of 100 or more players, small organizations of under 100 players, and school athletic programs or teams.

The winners of the grants will be determined by which organizations have the most online survey quizzes credited to them. The quizzes, either on responsible sport parenting or coaching, must be completed by May 31 for them to count in the contest.

Prospect Parks and Recreation is currently registered as a team under the small organizations division.

Director of Parks and Recreation Chris Moffo said the department learned of the program through the Mayor’s office. If the department wins a grant, he said, the money will be divided amongst the town’s sports organizations and programs.

Moffo encouraged people to complete a quiz for the town.

“Hopefully we can some money for town organizations,” Moffo said.

The quizzes can be taken online at A link to the website is also available on the town website’s homepage,

Once the quizzes are complete they must be credited to Prospect Parks and Recreation to count towards the town’s team.