Prospect honors police officer for decades of service

Prospect Mayor Robert Chatfield, left, reads a plaque honoring Police Officer Richard Fiske, center, for 40 years of continuous service to the town of Prospect as his wife Margaret Fiske, right, looks on during a ceremony Feb. 7 at Prospect Town Hall. - RA ARCHIVE

PROSPECT — Mayor Robert Chatfield and various state and police officials honored Prospect police Officer Richard Fiske for 40 years of service to the town at a ceremony in Town Hall Feb. 7.

Fiske began his part-time service in February of 1972 while working full time at the Department of Corrections. He’s the longest-serving police officer in Prospect.

“He was a police officer when I took office. … I’m very happy that he has served the town honorably for 40 years, and I hope he continues on for many more years,” Mayor Robert Chatfield said.

According to Chatfield, about 15 fellow officers attended the ceremony.

“I worked with him for a number of years. He’s a great guy and I enjoyed working with him,” Officer Andy Giordino said.

Members of the Fire Department, Police Explorers, and family and friends also attended the ceremony.

Chatfield presented Fiske with a plaque from the town and a citation from Gov. Dannell Malloy, U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro, State Sen. Joan Hartley, and State Rep. Vickie Nardello. Lt. J. Paul Vance gave Fiske a certificate from the state police. The police department gave him a plaque and name tag honoring Fiske for his years of service.

Chatfield’s wife, Ginny Chatfield gave Fiske the last award of the evening. She recanted a story about when she dated Fiske in the sixth grade. At the time, it was traditional for girls to wear the tie clip of the boy they were seeing on their collar. When they broke up, Ginny dipped Fiske’s tie clip in nail polish remover to tarnish it before giving it back to him.

“That was our way at getting back at the boys when they would break up with us,” Ginny said.

Ginny made up for the slight all those years ago by presenting Fiske with a new tie clip commemorating his 40 years of service.

She said he remembered the incident.

“I told him I didn’t submerge it in perfume,” Ginny said.

Chatfield that Fiske’s long experience in Prospect gives him an advantage in the field. He can remember incidents from years ago that can be helpful and knows many residents in the town.

“It makes a family feel secure when an officer they know shows up in their time of need,” Chatfield said.

Fiske could not be reached for comment.