Prospect, homeowner come to agreement to move trees


PROSPECT — A homeowner and the town have reached an agreement to move some trees to clear up the line of sight along Summit Road.

Geri Redzepi, who owns the property at 36 Summit Road, agreed to move a row of arborvitae trees he had planted along the edge of his property after meeting with Zoning Enforcement Officer William Donovan.

The town began looking into the issue after Redzepi’s neighbor Ann Sullivan, who lives at 38 Summit Road, came before the Town Council in July to voice her concerns over her sightline being obstructed.

She told the council that it was very difficult pulling out of her driveway and she was worried about getting into an accident. She explained that she had talked with Redzepi before, but he had not been receptive to her complaints.

According to Donovan, Redzepi had planted the trees within the 20-foot town right-of-way. This caused a problem because Redzepi’s property is on a curve and the trees created a dangerous situation for people driving down the street, he said.

Donovan delivered Redzepi a letter explaining that, since the trees block people’s sightlines, they had to be removed. Donovan met with Redzepi and Louis Martocchi, Redzepi’s attorney, to discuss how to fix the situation.

“They asked if, instead of being removed, they could move them back on the property,” Donovan said.

An agreement was reached and Redzepi moved the trees back onto his property, parallel with the house, Donovan said.

Donovan has also asked Mayor Robert Chatfield to look into taking down a few of the hardwood trees along that part of the road.

“They are big trees and they are right on the pavement as well. It would completely open up that portion of the road. You’d be able to see cars very easily,” Donovan said.