Prospect food bank in need of donations


PROSPECT — The shelves in the town’s food bank are bare.

The town runs a food bank through Town Hall. At a time when the need is greatest, Mayor Robert Chatfield said the shelves sit empty.

“The biggest need is now and through the holidays,” Chatfield said.

Chatfield said that there is no line item in the budget to put money towards the food bank.

“We do it through donations. We don’t use taxpayer funds. It’s always done through people’s generosity,” Chatfield said.

Chatfield said that anyone attending the Holiday Tree Lighting and Light Parade on Sunday can bring a check made out to the Prospect Food Bank. Anyone unable to attend the holiday festivities can bring donations or a check made out to the Prospect Food Bank to Town Hall.

The food drive this year is put on by both the Democratic and Republican town committees, which are coming together for this cause.

Chatfield said that part of the reason that the food bank is struggling is because people do not have as much money as they did before the recession. Chatfield said that Prospect receives no funding from the state either.

“Every church and every town in the state is in the same predicament. Some of the folks who always used to donate to us are finding themselves on hard times and can’t donate,” Chatfield said.

Chatfield said that during the holidays is when people need the food bank the most.

“Some people are able to just get by with the bare necessities, and when the holiday time comes they just don’t have that little bit extra for the holidays,” Chatfield said.

Chatfield said in order to maintain anonymity there are only two people, including himself, who distribute the food at the food bank. While it goes above his usual duties as mayor, Chatfield said he is happy to do it.

“The letters we get and the thank you notes make it all worth it,” Chatfield said.