Prospect candidate list




Planning and Zoning Commission: Tim Reilly

Democrat Slate

Mayor: Anthony Dorso

Town Clerk: Vacant

Town Treasurer: Vacant

Tax Collector: Vacant

Town Council: Eileen Cranney, Theresa Cocchiola Graveline*, Carl Graveline,* Patricia Sullivan Geary*, Michael Scaviola*

Board of Assessment Appeals: Peter Blinstrubas, Janice Mallon*

Planning and Zoning Commission: E. Gil Graveline Jr., Gregory Ploski*

Zoning Board of Appeals: David E. Michaud, Gena E. Mann

Board of Education (four-year term): Chip Aldrich, Jeffery A. LaMontagne

Board of Education (two-year term): Trish Spofford (unaffiliated)

Republican Slate

Mayor: Robert Chatfield*

Town Clerk: M. Carrie Anderson*

Town Treasurer: David R. Young*

Tax Collector: Diane M. Lauber*

Town Council: Robert E. Doyon*, Thomas J. Galvin*, Douglas B. Merriman*, Stanley Pilat*, Jeffrey B. Slapikas*

Planning and Zoning Commission: Jack L. Crumb*

Zoning Board of Appeals: Marianne W. Byrne*, Charles M. Witkowski (incumbent ?)

Board of Assessment Appeals: Marie J. Kluge*, Lisa E. Mason*

Board of Education (four-year term): Donna M. Cullen*, David T. Wartko*

Board of Education (two-year term): Nazih G. Noujaim*

* indicates incumbent