Prospect budget holding firm at no tax increase


PROSPECT – The town budget numbers are holding steady in Prospect.

Tuesday night, the Town Council presented a town budget of $6.9 million, $13,338 less than last year, to the public.

Growth in the Grand List will mean about $250,000 in new tax income. With the Region 16 school budget moving toward a 0.8 percent increase, meaning a $177,000 increase for Prospect, Mayor Bob Chatfield said he doesn’t expect taxes to go up.

“Things are looking pretty good that there will be little or no tax increase this year if, capital I, capital F, the state doesn’t mess around with our state grants,” Chatfield said.

The school budget is expected to pass in May, but the town won’t be able to determine the mill rate until the state passes its budget sometime in the next few months.

“We have to look to Hartford to see how deep they’re going to cut,” Town Council Chair Tom Galvin said.

The approximately 15 people who attended the public hearing asked few questions.

The only question came from Mike Santangelo, who asked what the park development budget was for.

Chatfield explained that the funds were being used over a period of several years to build a new baseball field.

After the meeting, Santangelo said the budget was cost-conscious and well done.

“I think they’re doing a good job,” he said.

Galvin said public participation before the budget is passed is more constructive than public complaints afterwards.

“It’s always good to get questions,” Galvin said.

The Town Council met again Wednesday night, after press time, to finalize the budget.

The council will hold a town meeting April 20 at 7 p.m. at Community School to adopt the budget. Any residents who come to the meeting may debate and vote on the budget.