Prospect ballot




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Robert Chatfield (Republican)

Louis Booth (Democrat)

Louis Mirabelle (Petitioning Candidates)

Town Council

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Stanley Pilat (Republican)

Thomas Galvin (Republican)

Douglas Merriman (Republican)

Alexander Delelle (Republican)

Jeffrey Slapikas (Republican)

Theresa Cocchiola- Graveline (Democrat)

Eileen Cranney (Democrat)

Carl Graveline (Democrat)

Patricia Sullivan Geary (Democrat)

Carla Perugini-Erickson (Democrat)

Carole Codianni (Petitioning Candidates)

Jeffrey LaMontagne (Petitioning Candidates)

Michael Scaviola (Petitioning Candidates)

Dominick Mirabelle Jr. (Petitioning Candidates)

Town Clerk

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M. Carrie Anderson (Republican)

Kimberly Genova (Petitioning Candidates)

Town Treasurer

Vote for any one

David Young (Republican)

Martin DeFazio Jr. (Petitioning Candidates)

Tax Collector

Vote for any one

Diane Lauber (Republican)

Jennie Gionet (Petitioning Candidates)

Board of Assessment Appeals

Vote for any two

Stephanie Lusas (Republican)

Marie Kluge (Republican)

Louis Kugell (Democrat)

Peter Blinstrubas (Democrat)

Planning and Zoning Commission

Vote for any two

David Santoro Sr. (Republican)

Alan Havican (Republican)

Kenneth Kemp (Democrat)

Anthony Policastro (Petitioning Candidates)

Zoning Board of Appeals

Vote for any two

Jason Kolodziej (Republican)

Carl Montagano Sr. (Democrat)

Sam Blinstrubas (Democrat)

Thomas Gionet (Petitioning Candidates)

Region 16 Board of Education

Vote for any two

Robert Hiscox (Republican)

Nazih Noujaim (Republican)

Region 16 Board of Education

To fill vacancy for two years

Vote for one

Roxann Vaillancourt (Republican)

Larry Fitzgerald (Democrat)