Prospect accepting tax deferment applications from landlords


PROSPECT — The town is accepting applications from landlords for a local tax deferment program.

In April, the Town Council approved offering the state tax deferment program to all taxpayers, instead of only taxpayers that have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The program defers July tax payments until Oct. 1, interest free. Payments made after Oct. 1 will be charged 6% interest.

Commercial and residential landlords have to apply for the deferment, though, per state guidelines. Landlords must submit proof that they have deferred rent payments for their tenants or their property has suffered a significant revenue decline.

Landlords that don’t qualify for the program or don’t submit an application will be charged 3% interest on any taxes not paid before Aug. 4.

Applications are due by July 1 and available online at For information, contact Tax Collector Anne Marie Burr at 203-758-4461 or