Proposed ordinance would govern building fees



BEACON FALLS — The town is considering a new way to set building fees.

Building Inspector Doug Colter presented a new ordinance to guide how building fees are set to the Board of Selectman Aug. 12.  

Currently there is no ordinance regulating how the fees are set, Colter said. They are determined by the first selectman and the building inspector, he said.

Colter is proposing a new ordinance that would make it so the full board has to approve the fees. Under the proposal, the board would review fees as it deems necessary.

Colter said this new ordinance would allow the board to review and evaluate the building inspection fees and make changes if needed.

After the meeting Colter said the proposal would make sure there is no appearance of impropriety.

“The main purpose is to make sure everyone is being charged fairly and evenly and that everyone is being charged the same rate,” Colter said. “Don’t ask for exemptions. It’s just the way it is.”

However, the ordinance also give the board a legal standing to waive the fees for residents in cases of financial hardships, Colter said.

In addition this ordinance helps set up the possibility of being able to take applications for building permits online one day.

“There’s a lot of interest going online, but there are a lot of steps. This lays the groundwork for that,” Colter said.

The board voted to send the proposed ordinance to the town attorney for review. If the board still wants to pursue the ordinance after it’s been reviewed, a date will be set for a town meeting on the proposal.