Proposal would add residential facilities for elderly to regulations


NAUGATUCK — The Zoning Commission is looking to add a new section to the zoning regulations to allow assisted and independent residential facilities for the elderly in the borough.

Under the proposed amendment, such a facility would be for people 62 years or older or people younger than 62 with a substantial physical or mental impairment.

The facilities would have to be in a B-2 zone or have frontage on North Main Street or South Main Street. The facilities would also have to be connected to public water and sewers. The B-2 zone is a business district that presently allows general commercial and office development. B-2 zones are primarily located along Route 68 as well as North and South main streets.

The proposed amendment dictates how such facilities can be built, including requirements that they have to be on at least a one-acre lot and can’t be taller than 70 feet.

Any person or company that wants to build such a facility would have to apply for a special permit.

Assisted and independent residential facilities are different from age-restricted housing developments. The facilities are similar to apartment buildings with units for elderly residents that are independent and those that need assistance.

Zoning Enforcement Officer Ed Carter said someone who is interested in building a facility in Naugatuck approached officials. The person has not submitted an application, he said. The proposed amendment, if adopted, would allow for such a facility to open in Naugatuck.

The Zoning Commission has set a hearing on the proposed amendment for April 15. Carter said the hearing may be held through a teleconference due to the COVID-19 outbreak.