Property transfers for July 6



Jennifer Decusati and Joseph P. Craft sold property on 77 Cedar Ln to Jennifer Arsan-Siemasko for $380,000.

Callahan Gerard A Est and Jacqueline D. Bush sold property on 22 South Cir to Ivan Smith for $289,900.

Susan V. Gerchy sold property on 1 Avon Ct Lot 1 to William Eckert for $210,000.

Susan M. Sharkey sold property on 155 Beacon Hill Cmn Lot 155 to Stanislaw and Krystyna Stykowski for $255,000.

Samantha F. Thomas sold property on 72 Dorchester Ct Lot 72 to Michael and Donna Mcmahon for $215,500.


Mark F. Sirois sold property on 77 Fern St to Leon and Esther G. Gnoto for $330,000.

Eric M. and Amelia J. Roberts sold property on 16 Morning Dove Rd to Ashley Cavanaugh and Nicole Belanger for $342,500.

Barbara Balcastro sold property on 51 Pilgrim Ln to Amy S. Tinney for $460,000.

Daniel J. Fine sold property on 76 Birch Ln to Anthony Dinho for $255,000.

George A. Wright and Ct Hsng Fin Authority sold property on 98 Carroll St to Joao P. Moura for $108,500.

Gilberto  Jr and Stephanie R. Cosme sold property on 9 Fairview Ln to Frankie Encarnacion for $310,000.

David Denicola and Savannah Miller sold property on 55 Melbourne St to Vanessa and Ricardo Harrow for $279,000.

Shirley Kwapong and Select Portfolio Servicin sold property on 187 Melbourne St to Select Portfolio Servicin for $150,552.

Christopher Collins and Akeview Loan Servicing LL sold property on 269 Wedgewood Dr to John C. Dasilva for $258,000.


Linda J. Dinuzzo sold property on 43 Barbara Ave to Ralph Salatto Jr for $50,000.

Victor M. Siwanowicz sold property on 113 Cherry Cir Lot 113 to Jeffrey C. Andrade for $450,000.

Ahmet and Dina Topcu sold property on 4 Cobblestone Ct to Jose Portorreal for $615,000.

Lad Holdings LLC sold property on 3 Colonial Dr to Mary B. and Daniel T. Gunning for $270,000.

Chad W. Rice and Luann Bui sold property on 10 Timber Hill Rd to Timothy J. and Sarah E. Dowling for $575,000.

Joseph A. and Rachele Testa sold property on 23 Alison Ct to Frank J. Monteiro for $700,000.

Mary A. Sedlock sold property on 26 Morris Rd to Kelly Bickell and Richard Mills for $370,000.

Tracy J. Brouillette sold 52 Smoke Rise Cir to Alexandra Prescia for $475,000.