Program to help library patrons pursue future



BEACON FALLS — Residents will soon have a new way to pursue their future.

The Beacon Falls Public Library will launch the Pursuing Your Future initiative Oct. 1. The program offers a variety of free classes and workshops for entrepreneurs and jobseekers.

“It is quite a comprehensive initiative,” Assistant Librarian Sue Dowdell said. “It is to help our townspeople get the skills they need for their future.”

As part of the initiative, job seekers can learn how to apply for jobs online while patrons who isn’t too computer savvy can receive one-on-one assistance, Dowdell said.

Patrons can work with Dowdell in a one-on-one setting for up to an hour Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 1:30 p.m. This will be for patrons who need help with basic internet skills or certain electronics like e-readers.

Patrons who are more familiar with computers, but still need assistance can sign up to participate in small groups.

Dowdell said these groups, which will have up to four people, will focus on skills such as basic and intermediate levels of Microsoft Excel and learning about social media sites.

Beginning in October the library will also unveil Universal Class, an online program that offers up to 500 different classes from business and accounting to candle making.

“That’s a really exciting opportunity for our patrons. Those that can’t get to the library and want to learn a skill, they have that opportunity,” Dowdell said.

Dowdell said that any resident interested in taking classes on Universal Class can come by the library from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. on Oct. 5 for a tutorial.

In addition to the classes, the library is also hosting workshops for job seekers and entrepreneurs. The first of these workshops, which takes place on Oct. 1, is called employment marketing portfolio and teaches patrons how to create a resume and market their talents to stand out to potential employers.

Dowdell said registration for programs can be done online at or at the library, 10 Maple Ave. She recommends patrons who need help call the library before registering to make sure that the skills they need help with are being offered by the library.

“It’s an exciting initiative for us and were glad to offer it for our citizens in town,” Dowdell said.

The initiative was made possible with funding provided by the Katherine Matthies Foundation, Bank of America NA, Trustee and the Friends of the Beacon Falls Library, Dowdell said.