Power returning to Prospect


PROSPECT – Prospect is slowly coming back on the grid after 100 percent power outages since Saturday’s snow storm. According to CL&P’s website, 83 percent of Prospect remained without power as of 7:30 p.m.

Route 69 from the Waterbury line to School House Road as well as Route 69 from the Naugatuck line to Colonial Drive now have power, according to Mayor Robert Chatfield.

He said some businesses have reopened along those roads.

Chatfield said two crews led by Prospect residents who know the circuits were out doing power restoration until 7 p.m. tonight.

Chatfield said CL&P has been trimming trees since April.

“CL&P has been trimming trees since April. It would have been much worse if they didn’t do that,” Chatfield said.

All streets are now open, and tree crews are collecting debris, Chatfield said. However, a lot of primary wires are still down, he said.

Chatfield asked residents using generators to make sure their main breaker is off so it doesn’t send power out to the grid. Those running generators should place it 25 feet from their house and close the garage door to prevent poisonous carbon monoxide form entering the house, Chatfield said.

Region 16 schools will be closed again tomorrow, he said, as will the informational meeting on the school project originally scheduled tomorrow night.

About 60 people stayed in the shelter at the Fire House last night, Chatfield said, huddling around the television to watch news and movies.

“I know people are making the best of it,” Chatfield said.

The Fire House will be open as a shelter again tonight.

Chatfield said he was thankful that there have been no injuries related to the storm and that people have been courteous at the traffic lights. He said two lights are now working on Waterbury Road.

He also wanted to thank everybody who has been making cookies and dropping off snacks at the fire house for those without power. Chatfield said he has ordered bottle water and meals-ready-to-eat, which will be distributed in St. Anthony’s parking lot when they arrive.