Police warn of IRS scam


NAUGATUCK—  The Naugatuck Police Department is warning residents after several people in the area have reported a potential scam over the last few weeks.

Police say there is a scam, which has been happening all across the country in recent years, where someone claims to be from the IRS, says you owe money and demands immediate payment.

“The first clue that this is not legit,” police said on their Facebook page, “is that they demand payment right now in the form of a money wire or prepaid credit card. The IRS will never require you to pay via immediate money wires or prepaid credit cards. Any of these ‘quick payment’ scenarios are a huge red flag that the call is a scam.”

Police also said that the IRS does not threaten people or refer them to police, nor do IRS representatives become rude or obnoxious on the phone.

“If you receive one of these calls, hang up and report it to us (203-729-5222) so we can warn others or call the IRS at 800-829-1040,” police said. “IRS workers can help you.”