Police probing suspicious person reports


NAUGATUCK — Police are on the lookout for a man claiming to be selling Girl Scout cookies.

Police have received several complaints from residents over the past few days who reported that a man was soliciting sales of Girl Scout cookies. The man is using a girl, about 10 years old, to help him, police said. Police believe the girl is his daughter.

Police believe the man isn’t selling Girl Scout cookies because he’s using what appears to be a very poor quality copy of a Girl Scout cookie sales form. The man has also told people he is selling baked goods and the money is for summer school, according to police.

The reports have come from throughout the borough and at all times of the day, police said.

Police said none of the people who reported incidents gave the man any money.

Police are trying to make contact with the man. Anyone who had a similar occurrence over the past few days or actually gave money to the man and thinks they may have been tricked is asked to contact Sgt. Derek Poundstone at 203-720-7283 or dpoundstone@naugatuckpd.org. Residents can also call the Naugatuck Police Department confidential tip line at 203-720-1010 or CRIMETIPS@naugatuckpd.org.