Police conduct drug sweep at NHS


NAUGATUCK — Police found no contraband or drugs during a drug sweep at Naugatuck High School  Thursday morning.

The Naugatuck High School administration requested the search, which was conducted by police dog teams from the Naugatuck Police Department and Connecticut State Police with the help of school staff, police said.

During the search, which lasted from about 9:45 to 10:20 a.m., the high school was in a “Code Yellow-Protect in Place” lockdown, which meant students had to remain in classrooms.

The lockdown was lifted after the search, police said.

Random sweeps for drugs at the high school have been conducted several times since 2012 after school officials announced a plan to enforce an existing, but then-underutilized, policy, which allowed for the searches. At the time, Naugatuck High Principal Jan Saam said the goal of the searches is to send a clear message to students that drugs at the school will not be tolerated.