Police closing Naugatuck park after visitors trash area

Police plan to close Platts Mill River Park in Naugatuck this weekend after visitors left litter and debris there over the last few weekends. Volunteers have cleaned up the area. -CONTRIBUTED

NAUGATUCK — Police plan to close Platts Mill River Park this weekend after large groups of visitors trashed it over the last few weeks.

It appears that people were using the park, which serves as an access point to the Naugatuck River, to host large gatherings, according to Deputy Chief C. Colin McAllister.

Police believe people were using the area for campfires, swimming and drinking alcoholic beverages. They also found evidence of drug use.

Swimming is discouraged because of the river’s strong current, McAllister said.

Community groups have cleaned the park. By closing it this weekend, police hope to keep it that way.

“We’ve been looking into the matter and made the determination that all indicators are this (large gathering) might occur again this weekend,” McAllister said.

He encouraged people to visit public beaches and state parks instead.

McAllister also thanked the community for working to keep the area clean.

“We thank the people who do keep an eye on that river,” McAllister “We look forward to working with people who have a stake in this to make sure the area and the river stay clean.”