Police advise residents to lock car doors


ProspectPolicePROSPECT — The Prospect Resident Trooper’s Office has issued an advisory to residents to ensure their car doors are locked.

Police said the office has been inundated with reports of vehicles being rummaged through. This past weekend several GPS units were taken from cars that were unlocked, police said. Over the past three weeks, three vehicles were stolen as well, police said. In all of these incidents, the cars were left unlocked and the stolen cars had their keys in them, according to police.

There has been a recent rise in stolen cars in the greater Waterbury area, and in many of the cases the cars were left unlocked with the keys inside or running.

Prospect police said some of the suspects arrested for those stolen cars have reported that they are now targeting the small towns because they know residents in these towns leave their cars and houses unlocked.