Podiatric association honors Rebimbas

Rosa Rebimbas
Rosa Rebimbas

HARTFORD — The Connecticut Podiatric Medical Association honored state Rep. Rosa Rebimbas (R-70) Wednesday for her leadership and support during the 2013 legislative session.

Rebimbas was recognized during a presentation as part of the association’s regular business meeting in Meriden.

According to a release issued by Rebimbas’ office, the association appreciated her leadership and support on important bills to improve patient access to podiatric services, especially HB 6445, which allows physicians and podiatrists to jointly practice as a professional corporation.

“I’m honored to be recognized for working on behalf of common sense legislation surrounding professional medical services,” Rebimbas said in the press release. “Legislation like HB 6445 that will make it easier for patients to receive multiple services in the same office is helpful, saves time and reduces stress is a good thing for the people of Connecticut.”

The Connecticut Podiatric Medical Association is the state’s professional society of podiatrists and was behind two pieces of legislation passed this year — HB 6445 and HB 5443, An Act Requiring Podiatrists to be Board Qualified.

HB 5443 did not, in and of itself, get passed, according to the release. However, language of the bill was incorporated into HB 6389 with a “strike-all” amendment, and HB 6389 passed both chambers. Under the new law, the release stated, a board qualified podiatrist may apply for and receive the permit to perform advanced ankle and rearfoot constructive surgeries. Prior law required a podiatrist to be board certified before they could apply.