Playground area off limits to dogs



PROSPECT — The town has erected a sign that prohibits dogs from entering a playground area at Canfield Park.

Mayor Robert Chatfield said dog owners have been letting their dogs roam free inside the fenced-in playground area, and the dogs have been going to the bathroom in an area that is meant for children. The area is used as the playground for Algonquin School in addition to those who go to the park.

 “Some people go over there and because it’s a fenced in playground they allow their dogs to roam through there,” Parks and Recreation Director Chris Moffo said. “It’s not a dog park. It’s a playground for children.”

The sign was installed at the request of school officials because late last month, several children fell and got dog excrement on their hands and clothes, Chatfield said. The sign is posted near the only gate into the area off Route 69, which faces the school, he said.

“There have been a couple incidents where kids played and fell down,” Chatfield said. “It’s not too pleasant.”