Phase two of Scott Road reconstruction to start soon


ProspectBush2PROSPECT — The second part of a long awaited transformation of Scott Road will begin soon.

Phase two of the Scott Road reconstruction will begin at Nicholas Court and go to Maria Hotchkiss Road, a distance of approximately .7 miles. The project will include putting in storm water catch basins every 250 to 300 feet, regarding the road, putting in a curb and widening the road, Mayor Robert Chatfield said.

Currently the road is approximately 25 feet wide. This reconstruction will widen the road to 28 feet, Chatfield said.

Town roads could be as wide as 30 feet, but Chatfield did not want to make Scott Road that wide.

“We don’t allow parking on Scott Road,” Chatfield said. “Widening it to 28 feet will discourage parking and give the neighbors a couple extra feet.”

The road will also have to undergo a full depth reconstruction, Chatfield said. This means workers will remove the current road and the underlying materials to a depth of approximately one foot before refilling and reconstructing the road.

Chatfield said that the project will take approximately two years to finish.

Chatfield said the cost of phase two is approximately $2.5 million, of which the federal government will cover 80 percent and the state government will cover 20 percent.

The only cost to the town is the engineering, which the town has already done in preparation for the project. Chatfield said there will be more engineering costs in the future, however, as changes need to be made.

This reconstruction project will also include the section of Scott Road that runs by Regency at Prospect, a 55 and older community.

Chatfield said when the construction of the Regency began the waterline and utilities it installed were up to the current code included in the road reconstruction and therefore do not have to be moved.

The first phase of the project, which went from the Waterbury town line to Nicholas Court, was completed about five years ago, Chatfield said. The reconstruction of Scott Road has been in the works since 1976, he said.

There is a third phase of the Scott Road reconstruction which will go from Maria Hotchkiss Road to Route 69. However, that part of the project is approximately five years away, Chatfield said.

Phase two will be bid out by the state at the Department of Transportation, Chatfield said. There is currently no exact start date, he said.